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Off-the shelf systems
  • Evaluation of expert computer systems for classification and labelling (supply and transport), safety data sheet generation, transport emergency card generation and shipping documents

  • Evaluation of databases and data handling systems for manipulating, storing and retrieving COSHH data, safety statistics, images of suppliers’ safety data sheets etc
Did you know that the Chemical Hazard Consultancy has developed a set of carefully structured questions/tasks designed to test for weaknesses in computer systems that produce classifications, labelling and marking advice, and safety data sheets? Through these, a number of well known systems have been found incapable of reliably operating to the required legal standards. Common failings include poor conversion of US systems into UK/EU systems, and systems that have been developed by computer programmers with little understanding of chemical or dangerous goods rules.


  • Development of computer systems for chemical and dangerous goods related purposes, to suit your particular requirements

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