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  • Your substances, articles and preparations classified for transport
  • Your suppliers' classifications checked
  • Independent advice on computer systems for transport classification
  • World-wide information searching via bibliographic, on-line and CD databases, and findings evaluated by professional toxicologists, chemists and environmental scientists
  • Scientific tests arranged when needed to provide data for classification
Did you know that even a 'minor' misclassification (eg right class and division but wrong packing group) can result in an incorrect transport category allocation, which could cause a haulier to breach operational legislation such as that governing vehicle placarding, driver documents, safety equipment etc?

Marks and labels

  • Your substances, articles and preparations marked and labelled for transport (all modes)
  • Independent advice on computer systems for transport marking and labelling
Did you know that the tendency to mix up UK road labelling, international road labelling, sea labelling and EU/UK supply labelling requirements (all different) means that most labels are incorrect to some extent?


  • Packaging specified for your substances, articles and preparations
  • Supply and transport packaging requirements accomodated
  • Packaging waste minimisation and recycling requirements accomodated

Transport documentation

  • Independent advice on computer systems for completing transport documents (all types, all modes)
  • Transport emergency cards prepared for your dangerous goods
Operational aspects of carriage
  • Advice on carriage requirements (including operator duties, driver duties, vehicle type and design, vehicle placarding, vehicle equipment, mixed loading and segregation, bulk transport, tank transport, packaged goods transport, driver training)

  • DGSA interactive training in a choice of formats (click 'Training' box above)

  • Certificated specialists available for appointment as your nominated DGSA

  • Specialist remedial work provided when identified as being necessary during DGSA monitoring (eg hazard classification, health & safety)

  • Support for your in-house DGSA (queries answered, plans of action prepared)
Did you know that generally DGSAs are not taught any of the relevant subject areas in depth, and therefore whilst they have been adequately trained to monitor or advise upon certain activities, they will usually not be specialists in most transport topics? For example, a DGSA will have been trained in the basics of hazard classification and health & safety, but will usually not be competent to classify complex dangerous goods or design adequate safety management systems unless s/he happens to be a professional in those areas too. Consequently, you may wish to ascertain your proposed consultant DGSA's specialist qualifications in addition to checking her/his DGSA certificate if you feel that you may want her/him to provide subsequent specialist remedial work.

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