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Chemical Supply - Notifications, safety data sheets, classifications, labels, pesticide approvals Expert and management systems - Off the shelf system evaluation, design and development Interactive Training- On any topic here, on/off site,  standard/tailor-made, trained and qualified tutors
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  1. Nothing in any part of this website shall be taken to imply that all other consultants, trainers, suppliers, specialists, other persons, organisations or their products are necessarily inadequate or of a lower standard in any way.

  2. The Chemical Hazard Consultancy may use the services of specialists who are not members of the Consultancy when the occasion demands.

  3. Some members of The Chemical Hazard Consultancy may be organisations rather than individuals.

  4. Members of The Chemical Hazard Consultancy act in independent capacities and the Consultancy shall not be liable in any way whatsoever for any injury, damage, loss, act, omission, cost or advice of any kind attributable to those members.

  5. Due to the space limitations this website contains generalisations and is therefore a guide to the services or features described; detailed descriptions, terms and conditions are available upon request and will vary according to the nature of the job involved. No part of this website constitutes a term or condition of any contract.

  6. This website contains personal opinions, generalisations due to space limitations, and possibly outdated information due to the high rate of change of legislation and industry/professional initiatives; no part of this website should be used as an indication of any legal requirement or best practice.

  7. Not all of the services of The Chemical Hazard Consultancy may be available at any particular time, and the Consultancy may decline to undertake work without necessarily giving a reason.

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