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Chemical Supply - Notifications, safety data sheets, classifications, labels, pesticide approvals Expert and management systems - Off the shelf system evaluation, design and development Interactive Training- On any topic here, on/off site,  standard/tailor-made, trained and qualified tutors
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  • We use professional interactive lecturers who are also topic specialists;
  • We rely heavily on guided student contribution and avoid lecture-type presentations;
  • We cover all topic areas in the syllabus or subject;
  • We assign time in proportion to the topic importance or syllabus weighting;
  • We allow frequent syndicate work sessions on projects designed to draw together key topics and test understanding;
  • We teach students how to use real documents, rather than re-writes;
  • We provide high quality notes and copies of overheads;
  • We ensure that topics and presenters are fully integrated with no duplication or omission of material;
  • We can provide post-course pre-exam support;
  • We achieve unusually high success rates.

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Non-DGSA courses

DGSA courses

Non-DGSA courses include:

  • Safety data sheets (overall requirements and section-by-section compilation guidance)

  • Classification and labelling for supply (substances and preparations)

  • Classification, labelling and marking for transport (all modes)

  • Packaging (design, selection, testing and specification)

  • Transport documents (understanding and completing transport related documents - all types, all modes)

  • Carriage rules (including: operator duties, driver duties, vehicle type and design, vehicle placarding, vehicle equipment, mixed loading and segregation, bulk transport, tank transport, packaged goods transport, driver training etc)

  • COSHH (overview of basic requirements)

  • Chemical workplace safety (including, depending upon target audience, some or all of: hazards of dangerous goods; behavioural aspects; principles of safe storage, usage, processing, disposal and transport of dangerous goods; occupational health and safety management principles and systems; relevant legislative requirements; emergency response)

  • Environmental pollution control (including: chemical pollution; behavioural aspects; principles of environmentally safe storage, usage, processing, disposal and transport of dangerous goods; environmental management principles and systems; relevant legislative requirements; emergency response)

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DGSA courses:

A speciality! Across the country, DGSA courses designed and presented by The Chemical Hazard Consultancy have achieved much higher pass rates than the national average.

4-day and 5-day interactive DGSA courses designed and taught

Tutors provided for specific parts of other peoples' DGSA courses (The Chemical Hazard Consultancy will decline to teach DGSA courses designed by others if it considers the coverage, structure or time allocation to be inadequate)

Re-sit revision sessions - covering entire DGSA courses or specific papers, arranged and presented for re-sit candidates (Candidates who have failed DGSA papers through being mis-taught on other courses will be identified and suitably 'deconditioned')

Revalidation revision sessions - covering entire DGSA courses, arranged and presented for those about to revalidate

All of the above courses are run independently by The Chemical Hazard Consultancy, but can also be designed and presented …

  • for companies wishing to have staff trained in-house, or

  • for training providers (eg universities, training centres) who wish to run DGSA courses but do not have the necessary specialist staff.

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