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The Chemical Hazard Consultancy comprises a hand-picked group of specialists able to work independently or as a team, depending upon what the task requires. They have been selected for their qualifications and relevant experience which few others can match:

  • Each is exceptionally well qualified, both academically and vocationally. A specialist assigned to you will be very well qualified in your problem area!

  • Each is very experienced, some being recognised as amongst the most experienced in the country in their specialist areas. Collectively, they have undertaken projects for all sizes of chemical and transport companies (national and multinational), other organisations (national and internat-ional), and government bodies (both UK and overseas).

  • Most are nationally and internationally known - they have led or participated in many industry or government task forces and advisory groups, have produced numerous papers for leading publications, and have delivered presentations at major events in the UK, Europe and the USA; some are leaders of industry and professional bodies, or are responsible for the development of initiatives of national significance.

  • The trainers have - in addition to the above - experience in interactive teaching in both universities and industry, have helped develop national syllabi in chemical hazard areas, and include SQA DGSA question-setters. Generally, industry topic-specialists wanting to try their hands at lecturing but lacking extensive interactive training experience are not used.

Collectively, the specialists’ expertise includes: Chemical supply dangerous goods transport classification (supply and transport) labelling (supply and transport) packaging safety data sheets transport emergency cards consignment documents vehicle/train operational requirements substance notification pesticide approval applications COSHH chemical workplace safety management chemical workplace occupational health wastes environmental management environmental auditing pollution control expert computer system and database development.

Although these topic areas are inter-dependent, most are separate disciplines demanding specialist skills. Dealing with The Chemical Hazard Consultancy rather than with one or two individuals means that whatever or however many chemical hazard related issues your company is faced with, state-of-the-art specialist help is always directly available. Also, it means that the solutions to your problems in all of the areas concerned are seamlessly integrated.

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